Petitle Lune - Single

Richard Allen, "The main melody is jazzy, breezy and memorable, a wonderful end-of-summer tune that manages to be wisful as well as upbeat."

G. 1888

Richard Allen, The Silent Ballet "Soothing collection, one that looks back to the 19th century for inspiration, but paints with a 21th century palette."

Kathy Parsons, New and Exceptional "What an impressive album it is!"

Collin Minnis, "The grace and expertise of a revert short story teller."

Steven Cravis, "Many times haunting,highly modern classical, with a slight hint of
elegant jazz."

Alejandro Clavijo, "G. 1888 es un debut asombroso; doce piezas que logran crear con gran eficiencia el fondo musical perfecto para cada momento."

"I like this kind of  music for upcoming autumn, the music reminds me of slowly falling tree leaves and mists over the landscape in the morning." Really nice, QF

"Beautiful. Absolutly beautiful! A fantastic album. Real beauty." Beglen

© 2012 Stéphane Horeczko